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On June 4, , a virtually unknown Presidential decree, Executive Order , was signed with the authority to basically strip the Bank of its power to loan money .

We are meant to give and love each other, not to love materialism and wealth. Maybe ultimately it will be a battle of good and evil that decides everything. As people are waking up to the fact that those we were told are good are truly the evil we have always feared.

Again as Napolean said "history is told from the winners perspective", we as human beings are beginning to figure out the real truth, because in the end you cannot destroy truth--it is created out of light!

Hmmm - is it for monitoring? Look, yes the Fed Banks are a private companies owned by banks in the region. Yes, the Treasury has an account at the Federal Reserve. No, the Fed does not lend money to the Treasury The Treasury lends money to the Fed!!! During the recent financial crisis the Fed had to go to the Treasury because they had nearly run out of funds making emergency loans to financial institutions.

The Fed is merely a central bank that provides liquidity to banks as a lender of last resort. There is no conspiracy. The Fed is not the enemy. It is a ploy for Libertarian bone heads to confuse and scare the general public. The gold standard was a bad system. It only solves one problem - inflation. While that is a good problem to solve, it is not as bad a problem as deflation - which is likely to occur in a gold standard system.

Look Ron Paul should go back to pap smears and stop confusing you poor disillusioned individuals. You all need to study economics and stop being pawns for fools who just want to fill your minds with shit. I am embarrassed for you as you don't know how incredibly stupid you sound by latching on to this fecal bs.

Reagan revoked it in by EO And Congress repealed the legislative authority behind EO in by passing Pub. Ron Paul is a blind squirrel who has inexplicably stumbled upon the proverbial acorn in abolishing the federal reserve. All the rest of his rhetoric and what he thinks we should do to fix the problem is nonsense. The general American public refuses to vote for the guy but not for general ignorance as you suppose. They see he would be ultimately bad for America and they are right.

We need an actual candidate who can run for president who is for abolishing the fed. Again, another quandary is; no one can know that is his platform.

JFK was our last good president vote Ron Paul in office to end this monopolistic money cartel in order to achieve freedom from the tyranny we Americans no face. Not 1 one cent of taxes paid by the indivigle tax payers goes to the Federal Treasury unless said person makes payments to Our Federal Treasury, not to the IRS. They can borrow from the US Govt.

Standing up for America's Constitution gets one labeled a hater, racists, etc.. The insanity never ends with these America-haters. Insist on an audit of the FED. Operate with cash when and if you have cash. Recently, a new feature was added on the White House's website: This, obviously, does not mean that anything will be done and is quite a difficult feat. Still, it is an opportunity to make our voices heard. I have created a petition that urges President Obama to put pressure on Congress to issue a full, comprehensive audit of the Federal Reserve.

Sign the petition and share it all over the internet! Let's get 25, signatures and force Obama to give an official response back. He has been trying to raise awareness of what the Federal Reserve does for over 30 years!

He is the only Republican presidential nominee that wants to do a complete audit of the FED and then phase it out. I'm sure youtube wouldn't mind the links. I would've loved to have found this site and watch them all here and then gone to share the information and educate others. Just the other night my husband decided to ask around at his job and figured that just 1 our 6 knows about the federal reserve banks.

I just found out a few months ago myself. Good work people, for arriving at the facts some 50 years after the fact. The question now is, "what do we do about this situation? You may have to loose control to get control. Figure that one out geniuses. Sorry, I'm not here to beat up on anyone. However, I do have to tell you to stop expecting an elected official to fix this damn mess, it ain't gonna happen.

Because "nothing fucking works," that's why! Perhaps that's why elected officials do nothing, because there is nothing to do except talk shit, draw a paycheck, and make it appear that they are working. And for whose scrutiny do they do this? Who the hell knows? So, how about this very simple suggestion; "Don't be part of the problem! Let's face it, we have to think different. As oppossed to "if we elect X we will get Y. We do the same things over and over and expect a different result!

If voters could control the outcome of an election, then why is there an electoral college, and a distinction between popular votes and electoral votes. And even if there weren't, who counts the votes? Not the voters, right? So how much power do you really think voting gives you?

It's like the film "Moon Over Parador. As a matter of fact, a democracy is designed to fail, which is why if you look back through history, you will find that no democracy has ever lasted more than years. So what is this really? If I told you you would not believe me. I'll bet you think the USA is a country, right?

If I tell you that it isn't, you will probably curse me out, right? You will swear up and down that this is a country, based upon what proof? If you cannot trust the information right in your face, how can you trust information suppossedly recorded hundreds of years before you were even born? Who writes the history anyway? Could it be the same people who told you JFK was a womanizing manwhore communist sympathizer who screwed up everything he touched including Marilyn Monroe?

Actually, he was probably the last president with any balls. I believe they actually did what they thought was best for this country. And when they were killed we all mourned.

Today, the banksters have this country in a choke hold. Once again, they have orchestrated a revolution without firing a shot. It's pretty much a done deal. What's left to rebuild from? The average American thinks one thing and one thing only; Jobs. Bring the jobs back. I don't really see the old jobs coming back. What I do see is an aging population. And the younger generation that does have the ability to think different and create something new - pretty much feels like it's not a good idea to hire anyone over Johnson and the section added to E.

By this time, however, the remaining legislative authority behind E. In March , Secretary of the Treasury C. Douglas Dillon halted redemption of silver certificates for silver dollars. In the s, large numbers of the remaining silver dollars in the mint vaults were sold to the collecting public for collector value. All redemption in silver ceased on June 24, So sites like this are a very good start. We need to tell everyone we know to look at this and join with Ron Paul and stop the Federal Reserve from stealing from the taxpayers any further.

Checks written to the U. S Treasury are deposited in a Federal Reserve Bank. This does not mean that the funds become the property of the Federal Reserve Bank. As the endorsement states clearly, it is " The process works exactly the same way as when a person or business deposits a check in a private bank account.

The depositor owns the funds. The bank in which the funds are deposited does not. If the Federal Reserve Banks owned all the funds deposited for the credit of the U. It would have to borrow every dollar it spent. It "only' borrows 40 to 44 percent of what it spends. There is no reason to include incorrect information which undermines the credibility of the rest of the analysis.

So what can we do? I don't see our representatives, and especially our puppet president, rectifying this grave matter. I've never felt so scared and disappointed in America. JFK never had the opportunity to go public, but now we all know so why not do something about it? While this is a novel and romantic idea with unlimited potential, the arrogant people trying to ram this down our throats currently, are the same group of people who have shown total disregard for human life, a disrespect for the common welfare of anyone, including themselves, and are just plain manipulative and evil in every definable sense of the term.

Their actions and even their identities, at this point, are so secretive that hardly anyone even knows who they are. This veiled concealment is your first warning.

The complete global economic collapse that is running up on us at a very fast pace is your second warning. This is the first step to maintaining our freedom and liberty. So what do we need to know? We need to know how they are manipulating us. David Rockefeller one of the bad guys has boldly and brazenly stated this as being their intentions as can be interpreted by his quote: All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept The New World Order.

It's a great opportunity in such a crisis. His idea of "an extraordinary able group" and mine either differ greatly or the complete implosion of the U. They are willing to use any situation to their advantage in their task and their arrogance will hopefully be the ironic downfall of this Luciferian group.

No, I am not exaggerating, sadly. This is common knowledge and, if you did not know this, then you would benefit from research. This is part of the first step in saving yourself.

Don't just take my word for it, please research on your own. Information is out there in abundance but you will not see it in the mainstream media because they already control that. How often have you even heard the mention of the promising presidential candidate Ron Paul on Fox, CNN, MSNBC or any major network for that matter, when his viewpoints on the current economic crisis are really the only viable option?

Which network is following the Glass-Steagall resurgence issue? No, you probably haven't even heard of that, even when it is the first critical step to economical stability. I would be willing to bet, however, that you know if Casey Anthony was declared innocent or guilty and you probably know exactly what is going on with the NFL strike. How important are these issues compared to the demise of our entire nation?

Maybe you would care more if I were to mention that if we do not wake up and apply ourselves right now, there will no longer be football, or any sports, or shopping, or walks in the parks, or anything at all. Who else but those who worship Satan could even devise such a devious scheme?

No, this should not be a surprise to you at all, but only if you knew We need to know what their goal is. It would also benefit you to know what their motives and intentions are. Without going into great detail here this can be researched further the quick and simple answer is complete domination of the entire world, its wealth and resources included, and also the control of the significantly decreased population of the world.

Now I am a completely delusional paranoid, right? How I wish this were true, but this has been blatantly admitted by them also.

Please research the Georgia Guidestones, to begin with, and the rest of their plan will be very quickly be revealed to you with a minimal amount of research. However, I suggest you awaken soon because the plan is developing rapidly and they are attempting to limit available information by restricting the average person's access to the internet and censor what you do have access to.

My hope is that you will find answers on your own and then return to this document after a short while and see that it is all true. I wish I could convey all that I know to you right here and now, but the truth is, there is so much information available that this could easily become a 10, page document and still barely touch on all of the topics. You must understand that this plan, having gone through many revisions and changes, is several thousand years in the making.

Don't let that stifle your sense of urgency, though, because another important turning point is very near. Take comfort, though, in knowing that it is still just a plan and you can still help to change it. We need to know what needs to be done and what you can do individually. There are many things which you can do.

Once you understand what is really happening by not relying on the deceptive mainstream media, then you will know how to oppose it. The main basic flaws in their plan and their greatest fears, which they see as their main obstacle in completing their plan of domination, is their exposure to us and the will of the masses us.

They do not want you to know the truths about them and, even more so, they do not want you to act upon and oppose them. They have already proven that they will do anything to avoid this and that is their greatest advantage.

They are perfectly willing to sacrifice our lives in pursuit of their goal and, occasionally, they are also willing to sacrifice their own pawns in the game as well. If we protest, even in the peaceful manner which law provides us the freedom of, then they will push back with violence and the threat of incarceration.

Take note, ladies and gentlemen of the armed forces, and contemplate the following quote from Henry Kissinger: Our military and security forces are being turned against us in hopes that fear will overcome us. This, by any definition, is terrorism, but they will say that even something as harmless as these words on paper, rather than being my expression of Freedom of Speech, is terrorism instead, and that is exactly why they have implemented laws regarding terrorism which, incidentally, have been set up in violation of our constitution.

That is how powerful and perfect our constitution is. They have to break its laws just to gain the upper hand and that shows us how brilliant this document, which was set up for us to implement, is. The only problem is that we have not stood up for our God given rights as spelled out specifically in the Constitution and Bill of Rights to protect ourselves. It is our own fault for not doing so and yet the men and women in our armed forces believe and proudly swear that they are fighting for our freedoms.

How about when they turn their weapons against the innocent and unarmed citizens of the U. These armed soldiers are, in reality, fighting for the criminals against the people.

After all, they believe that they are being paid by the criminals, and they are How did this get flipped around? There may be some people in the armed services who can see this truth but I have yet to see one lay down their arms when facing one of these innocent unarmed citizens standing up for their rights. And we all know why. It is because they are threatened. They are essentially being terrorized and are actually fighting for the terrorists which, in turn, makes them the terrorists, the enemy of the USA.

The real army of the U. When will we learn? Once again, the constitution is providing us with the means our rights to protect our freedoms and, once again, we will probably let them take away another right, the most important one of all, the right to protect ourselves from enemies trying to take away our liberties, our freedoms, and our very way of life. This will be the last right we lose before it is all taken away from us, simply because we will probably allow them to take away our only means of self-defense.

Wouldn't our forefathers be proud of us? They would be embarrassed and have completely overestimated our fighting spirit, which we have lost through complacency. This fighting spirit through which this nation was won, protected and founded upon is diminishing quickly and, unless we start to fight for our rights immediately, we will just lay down and let the enemy walk all over us.

Sure, we might rebel again once everything is lost but these elite with their plan are not expecting us to sacrifice at that point, and they are probably correct in that sense.

We have allowed them to take away our rights so far so why should they expect that to change? They have shown us what they are made of and what they are capable of and we have shown them what we are made of.

It is little wonder that they feel they have already won. Any knowledgeable economist and historian knows exactly what needs to be done to get the U. The separation of this government into these two parties, known as the Republicans and Democrats, is little more than a smokescreen and a diversion that is, and has been for more than a century, dragging down this great Constitutional Republic of the United States of America.

The complete irresponsibility of the government to have given a private banking institution the power to print our money without the backing of a stable commodity is utterly appalling but, even more so, has been its inability to recognize this grave error and, consequently, continue to allow this banking institution to pillage the resources which Americans have built up through this country's constitution.

The outright warning of Thomas Jefferson all those years ago was not only ignored but, instead, was recognized by this criminal cartel as an opportunity to forward their plans for the complete domination of the entire world. This is what Jefferson said: If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all their property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.

The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs. He told us what would happen if we allowed a private bank to print our money and it did. He didn't say that it might happen. He said that it will happen. He also provides the remedy in a very succinct and elementary way.

Yes, let us print more money to make the dollar worth even less, and then pay our debts or, more accurately, just the interest on the principle at this point. And what, hope that this is acceptable to our debtors? What do you think they really think about receiving, in return for their borrowed funds, a fiat currency worth less and less all of the time? Not only was the unheeded warning staring us right in the face when this abomination occurred, it is still staring at us and we are not willing to look at it even today, with the fate of the entire world in the balance.

The parties originally responsible for agreeing to borrow from a private institution with the agreement to pay interest when this scenario would be a total non-issue, with the government solely having the power to print its own currency as is expressly spelled out in the constitution, needed to be tried as traitors.

The only problem the Constitution represents is the fact that it has not been followed. Treason and tyranny is running rampant in the disguise of our very own presidents. The simple resolution is for the United States of America, as a collective, to end the Federal Reserve's a private bank reign over this country. While the government has gone so far as to overstep its boundaries and its own rules set up in the Constitution to police the rest of the world while itself is in a state of turmoil, upheaval, and utter bankruptcy is not only arrogant and ignorant, but it is absolutely irresponsible.

The reason we do not take this necessary step to seize the Federal Reserve, unfortunately, is also very simple. We no longer have the military might to do so. While it should be as easy as two or three armed policemen, or a small S. T team at the most, to be able to accomplish this, the government has backed itself into such a corner by now that the very banking institution, sitting on American soil, of which all of these problems are the root has acquired a total perceived control of our military and security forces, the most fearsome in the world.

If this is not the case, then it is time for our government to prove it and to show the rest of the world that it still has the might to overpower a single building of pencil-pushers. If this cannot be accomplished, then I do not see how anybody in the entire world can see the USA as being able to maintain involvement in even a single small conflict, let alone carry out several wars all around the world simultaneously.

The whole world looks at us in disbelief. They must either think we are completely inept to not have learned from history referring to Hitler's Enabling Act , or perhaps they simply see us as being pawns of the oligarchal dictatorship that is taking over the whole world.

Neither of these perceptions should be acceptable to us. The appropriated funds from the forceful and justified takeover of the Federal Reserve should be no less than trillion dollars at which point an immediate audit of our gold reserves should also occur. An immediate payment of all of our outstanding debts to outside interests, other than the Federal Reserve, of course, which, at this point, will have no more right to this money than it ever did, will be less than trillion dollars and, therefore, the accumulating interest will no longer need to be addressed further.

Also, from this same booty, a payment of 20 trillion dollars should be given back to the American people, evenly distributed to any taxpayer who has contributed voluntarily with their income taxes no more than the amount each individual has paid until this amount is exhausted, immediately, unless it can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that our income taxes have actually been apportioned back to the people already, as is provisioned in the Constitution.

This will, without question, kick-start our economy again, with this being a factual observation of a true stimulus. These actions alone which should be able to be accomplished in less than a week will solidify the dollar as the reserve currency of the world again and should spark similar actions around the world for other countries who have fallen to this detrimental system the central banks.

As long as there is no more paper currency than can be backed by commodities, then inflation will be sufficiently quelled, quite a desirable by-product, I would say.

This is a fact. In short, we need to reset the system. Congress can then convene to address the funding of all other important programs such as education, Medicare and Social Security, but the most important goal is to relieve the fear of the citizens of the United States of America.

Absolute transparency of the governing of America must be paramount, unlike it has been in the past. This process may sound simple enough and, in fact, it is elementary, but as long as there is corruption within every branch and organization of the government, and the consensus of Americans does not show to its own government that they aware of its corruption and refuse to petition a demand to see that it is dealt with, then I cannot see this as becoming a reality.

A single person, such as I, cannot fight both the enemies and you. It must be a concerted effort involving many like-minded and willing patriots. I, personally, do not desire to become a martyr for the rights we deserve and should already have, but would much rather fight and live to see the changes materialize.

The ending of the Federal Reserve is the righteous and justifiable path to solve all of our problems but if we choose to wait until the president declares Martial Law, then it will but extensively more difficult and we will pay the price with countless lives and that would be regrettable.

We will then see our Constitutional Republic go from a democracy, of sorts, to a dictatorship initially think Hitler, only worse and then probably communism, fascism, socialism, or a monarchy The new term for this shall be called The New World Order.

That is correct, good citizens, we are only four little words away from experiencing Hell on Earth If you think what I say is terrorism, then I suggest that you read Executive orders through and you will see that not only have I not exaggerated, but you will also see that true terrorism has been set up for us for quite some time now and that we are all slated to be amongst piles of dead bodies or, if we are among the lucky ones, slaves in FEMA concentration camps, true terror the likes of which this glorious Earth has never seen.

Sleep well, but only after you read the truth written in black and white. Research for yourself and make up your own minds What is really needed is a serious organization of a modern American Militia, and for that some funding and leaders, preferably leaders with experience, are required.

This is the main reason why the government is now attempting to limit the benefits and take the guns out of the hands of non-serving veterans. To quietly organize in a covert as possible manner, to start with, and then to strike with force and surprise and to use their arrogance against them should be considered our best opportunity for success.

If you really think about it, we have little to lose and, in fact, less and less every day. This is how our forefathers did it and yes, the elite know it is possible. They have taken their notes on history and, in fact, all of their movements and acquisitions to this point are proof that this is what they consider a dangerous contingency and that they know it is coming.

Just think, thousands of years of planning and preparing and yet they are doomed to fail. The key for us, as history has shown and which is inevitable, is the possibility that the factions within their own ranks can turn against them.

Fighting the good fight is much more potent. This is the possibility which they cannot be completely prepared for and, while inside their techno-bubble, they will miss this.

This is human nature, God's gift to the good-moralled people of this earth. The following is a list of 10 things that you can do if you really want life and liberty: You have already taken the first an most important step, now don't stop. Do research on your own and watch videos. You can be consummately filled with information.

First, I suggest you get a copy of the Bill of Rights and memorize them and then the Constitution. If you don't know your rights, then you do not have any. Once you have your positions and ideas whatever they may be formed firmly in your mind and can explain how all of this is connected, then use this information to educate others.

Use informational sources to help convince them. Try to avoid telling people exactly what to do, they will find their own path. If you can, move out of the larger cities.

Also, pre pennies contain the most copper. Knowledge of self-defense wouldn't be a bad thing to invest in either. Make amends with friends and family. Stick together and spread out throughout the U. I will not tell you how to vote. What I will say is that if Ron Paul is not elected the next president then I, personally, will certainly step-up my preparations for a coming apocalypse.

Customs, CIA and feel comfortable with them, seize the opportunity to ask them this question: You must understand that in most cases they have been chosen for their positions with specific regard for their disposition and have been specially conditioned for the coming attractions, whether or not they consciously realize it.

When the scales begin to tip in our favor then I think you will know when to jump on for the final blow to the NWO and the Federal Reserve. Treasury, which means that all government debt owed to the Federal Reserve Bank would be relinquished. If my suspicions are true. The Treasury could pay off all debt, and cut taxes appropriately.

We could include a balanced budget amendment to prevent the government from going crazy. Better yet, lets replace Congress with True Democracy Initiatives.

Wake Up People, hear what Ron Paul is saying. Everyone needs to learn about the Infinite Banking System and what it can do to help yourself. Stop feeding the fat cats!! There is a way to get around them using IBC strategies!!! Im sure you'd get alot of interest if you tweeted it properly??? This contradicts the statements made above. The Secretary of the Treasury is hereby designated and empowered to perform the following-described functions of the President without the approval, ratification, or other action of the President: JFK who had the power to do all the things listed in E.

Douglas Dillon the power to preform the very functions listed above without the authorization of the President. In , he became a vice president and director of Dillon, Read and Company, an investment bank founded by his father, and was later elected chairman of the board.

Also, Regan did revoke Executive Order In Section 4 of E. So essentially the majority of E. Maybe it was done because all our stores of Gold and Silver were already transfered to the Federal Reserve, and the rest of the powers over them went to the IRS.

Heres one fresh example. I wonder how long ago freespeech in the media was lost to us http: Of course this will be completely free for you, however I would appreciate a live link back to our site. If you're interested in this idea, please get back to me. Effizienzgewinne werden sich auch dadurch erzielen lassen, dass es künftig nur noch eine Zentrale geben wird. Gemeinsame Teams unter einer einheitlichen Führung werden das Geschäft beider Marken steuern. Überschneidungen und Kosten werden vermieden, die etwa durch den Umzug oder die Neueinstellung von Mitarbeitern entstehen würden.

So wird das Geschäft mit Vermögenskunden von Sal. Die Kunden erhalten damit besseren Zugang zu regionaler Beratung verbunden mit dem globalen Anlage- und Kapitalmarktwissen einer internationalen Universalbank. Das Asset Management von Sal. Oppenheim mit dem umfassenden quantitativen Investment-Wissen geht im ersten Quartal in den Unternehmensbereich Deutsche Asset Management über. Die Deutsche Bank bietet vielfältige Finanzdienstleistungen an — vom Zahlungsverkehr und dem Kreditgeschäft über die Anlageberatung und Vermögensverwaltung bis hin zu allen Formen des Kapitalmarktgeschäfts.

Die Deutsche Bank ist Deutschlands führende Bank. Ihr Schwerpunkt ist das Geschäft mit Privatkunden sowie kleinen und mittelständischen Unternehmen. Ihren Privatkunden bietet die Postbank einfache, preiswerte Produkte für den alltäglichen Bedarf.

Das Angebot reicht vom Zahlungsverkehr über das Einlagen- und Kreditgeschäft bis hin zu Anleihen, Investmentfonds, Versicherungen und Bausparverträgen. Diese Mitteilung enthält zukunftsgerichtete Aussagen. Zukunftsgerichtete Aussagen sind Aussagen, die nicht Tatsachen der Vergangenheit beschreiben, sie umfassen auch Aussagen über die Annahmen und Erwartungen von der Deutschen Bank sowie die zugrunde liegenden Annahmen.

Zukunftsgerichtete Aussagen beziehen sich deshalb nur auf den Tag, an dem sie gemacht werden. Deutsche Bank übernimmt keine Verpflichtung, solche Aussagen angesichts neuer Informationen oder künftiger Ereignisse zu aktualisieren. Eine Vielzahl wichtiger Faktoren kann dazu beitragen, dass die tatsächlichen Ergebnisse erheblich von zukunftsgerichteten Aussagen abweichen. Dieses Dokument ist auf Anfrage bei der Deutschen Bank erhältlich oder unter www.

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