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Chebychev - maximal amplitude cutoff rate. We don't want no stinkin phase considerations, ie the ability to drop off the edge of the passband suddenly is most important. We don't want no stinkin phase considerations, ie the ability to drop off the edge of the passband suddenly is most important.

Network Analysis 3rd ed.

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1 n-count A cut-off or a cut-off point is the level or limit at which you decide that something should stop happening. usu sing, oft N n The cut-off date for registering is yet to be announced, On young girls it can look really great, but there is a definite age cut-off on this.

So, what is the practical use of looking at the phase response of a filter? Russell McMahon k 9 A filter by itself is not a oscillator. Stability is only a issue if the filter is part of the overall feedback loop.

You might want to qualify your point 1. It gives the impression that a filter with large phase shift put in line with a loudspeaker, for example, would cause oscillation. I know you don't mean that, but the OP and others might not. It's pretty common in some analog settings to have filter with internal feedback paths, such that the impulse response would include a decaying sine wave at the filter's cutoff frequency.

On some such filters, the feedback was adjustable and touchy , and if adjusted too high the filter would, in fact, self-oscillate. The only thing that distinguishes a high-Q filter from an oscillator is that the cutoff-frequency gain of the former is less than one, while that of the latter is greater than one at least at low amplitudes.

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