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Högre osäkerhet och tusentals aktier med lite handel gör att småbolagsfonderna har backat betydligt mer under börsraset. Förväntningarna tidigare i år hade blivit .

RA is the owner of certain intellectual property. Hong Kong Finance Group Ltd. Provides diversified exposure to the long-term, investment-grade segment of the U. Jiyi Household International Holdings Ltd.

Les Risques en Bourse provides independent and objective ETF fund ratings and insights by analyzing data from dozens of sources. We then distill that mountain of data into clear, insightful fund reports on.

Lucas Bols Amsterdam Bv Lucas Ludwig Beck Am Rathauseck Lumentum Holdings Inc Lumentum Lumx Group Lumx Group Limited Lundin Mining Corp Lundin Mining Lundin Petroleum Ab Lundin Luxfer Holdings Luxfer Holdings Luxottica Group Spa Luxottica Lventure Group Spa Leventure Lvmh Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton Lyxor 10y Us Treasury Daily Shrt Lyxor Daily Double Short Smi Lyxor Daily Leveraged Bund Ucits Lyxor Double Short 10y US Lyxor Etf Commodities Crb Lyxor Etf Dj Stoxx Lyxor Etf Eastern Europe Cece Lyxor Euro Corporate Bd Ex Lyxor Euro Stoxx Dr Ucits Lyxor Euro Stoxx 50 Daily Short Lyxor Euromts y Invest Grd Dr Lyxor Euromts y Invest Grd Lyxor Euromts 15y Invstmnt Grd Lyxor Euromts Hstrtd Macrowtd Lyxor Ftse Epranareit Developed Lyxor Ftse Epranareit Global Lyxor Ftse Epranareit United Lyxor Jpx-nikkei Dr Ucits Lyxor Msci All Country World Lyxor Msci Indonesia Ucits Etf Lyxor Msci Wld Consmer Staples Lyxor Msci World Industrials Tr Lyxor Msci World Materials Tr Lyxor Msci World Utilities Tr Lyxor Sp Ucits Etf D-eur Lyxor Stoxx Europe Lyxor Stoxx Europe Chemicals Lyxor Stoxx Europe Const Lyxor Stoxx Europe Food Lyxor Stoxx Europe Insurance Lyxor Stoxx Europe Media Asia Television Holdings Ltd.

Asian Capital Resources Holdings Ltd. Asian Citrus Holdings Ltd. Asiaray Media Group Ltd. Associated International Hotels Ltd. Astrum Financial Holdings Ltd. Aurum Pacific China Group Ltd. Ausnutria Dairy Corporation Ltd. Ausupreme International Holdings Ltd. Auto Italia Holdings Ltd.

Automated Systems Holdings Ltd. AV Concept Holdings Ltd. AV Promotions Holdings Ltd. Bamboos Health Care Holdings Ltd. Ban Loong Holdings Ltd. Bank of China Ltd. Baofeng Modern International Holdings Co. Basetrophy Group Holdings Ltd.

Bauhaus International Holdings Ltd. Beautiful China Holdings Co. Beaver Group Holding Co. Beijing Capital International Airport Co. Beijing Enterprises Environment Group Ltd. Beijing Enterprises Holdings Ltd. Beijing Enterprises Water Group Ltd. Beijing Jingcheng Machinery Electric Co. Best Food Holding Co. Best Pacific International Holdings Ltd. Bestway Global Holding Inc. BExcellent Group Holdings Ltd.

Billion Industrial Holdings Ltd. Bingo Group Holdings Ltd. Bison Finance Group Ltd. Bisu Technology Group International Ltd. Boer Power Holdings Ltd. Boill Healthcare Holdings Ltd.

Bosideng International Holdings Ltd. Bossini International Holdings Ltd. Boyaa Interactive International Ltd. Branding China Group Ltd. Brightoil Petroleum Holdings Ltd. Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Ltd. Brilliant Circle Holdings International Ltd. Build King Holdings Ltd. C C Land Holdings Ltd. C Cheng Holdings Ltd.

Cafe de Coral Holdings Ltd. Camsing International Holding Ltd. Canvest Environmental Protection Group Co. Capital Finance Holdings Ltd. Capxon International Electronic Co. Carnival Group International Holdings Ltd. Carpenter Tan Holdings Ltd. Carrianna Group Holdings Co. Carry Wealth Holdings Ltd. Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. Celebrate International Holdings Ltd. Celestial Asia Securities Holdings Ltd. Central China Real Estate Ltd.

Central China Securities Co. Century City International Holdings Ltd. Century Ginwa Retail Holdings Ltd. Century Legend Holdings Ltd. Century Sage Scientific Holdings Ltd.

Century Sunshine Group Holdings Ltd. Changhong Jiahua Holdings Ltd. Changmao Biochemical Engineering Co. Chanjet Information Technology Co.

Chaowei Power Holdings Ltd. Chen Xing Development Holdings Ltd. Cheuk Nang Holdings Ltd. Chevalier International Holdings Ltd. Chi Ho Development Holdings Ltd. Chia Tai Enterprises International Ltd. Chiho Environmental Group Ltd. China 21st Century Education Group Ltd. China 33 Media Group Ltd. China Aerospace International Holdings Ltd.

China Agri-Industries Holdings Ltd. China Agri-Products Exchange Ltd. China Agrotech Holdings Ltd. China All Access Holdings Ltd. China Aluminum Cans Holdings Ltd.

China Aluminum International Engineering Corp. China Animation Characters Co. China Aoyuan Group Ltd. China Art Financial Holdings Ltd. China Assurance Finance Group Ltd. China Automation Group Ltd. China Baofeng International Ltd. China Baoli Technologies Holdings Ltd. China Best Group Holding Ltd. China Brilliant Global Ltd. China Candy Holdings Ltd. China Chengtong Development Group Ltd. China Child Care Corporation Ltd. China Chunlai Education Group Co.

China Cinda Asset Management Co. China Coal Energy Co. China Demeter Financial Investments Ltd. China Digital Culture Group Ltd. China Digital Video Holdings Ltd. China Dongxiang Group Co. China Dynamics Holdings Ltd. China Eastern Airlines Corporation Ltd. China Education Group Holdings Ltd. China Electronics Huada Technology Co. China Energine International Holdings Ltd. China Energy Development Holdings Ltd. China Energy Engineering Corporation Ltd. China Environmental Resources Group Ltd.

China Environmental Technology Holdings Ltd. China Everbright Bank Co. China Everbright International Ltd. China Finance Investment Holdings Ltd.

China Financial International Investments Ltd. China Financial Leasing Group Ltd. China Financial Services Holdings Ltd. China First Capital Group Ltd. China First Chemical Holdings Ltd.

China Flavors and Fragrances Co. China Fordoo Holdings Ltd. China Fortune Financial Group Ltd. China Fortune Holdings Ltd. China Fortune Investments Holding Ltd. China Futex Holdings Ltd. China Galaxy Securities Co.

China Gem Holdings Ltd. China Glass Holdings Ltd. China Gold International Resources Corp. China Golden Classic Group Ltd. China Goldjoy Group Ltd. China Graphene Group Ltd. China Green Holdings Ltd. China Greenfresh Group Co. China Haisheng Juice Holdings Co. China Hanking Holdings Ltd. China Hanya Group Holdings Ltd. China Health Group Inc. China Health Group Ltd. China Healthcare Enterprise Group Ltd.

China Healthwise Holdings Ltd. China Hengshi Foundation Co. China Hongqiao Group Ltd. China Huarong Asset Management Co. China Huirong Financial Holdings Ltd. China Huishan Dairy Holdings Co. China Huiyuan Juice Group Ltd. China Information Technology Development Ltd. China Infrastructure Investment Ltd. China Innovation Investment Ltd. China International Capital Corporation Ltd. China Investment Development Ltd. China Investments Holdings Ltd. China Jicheng Holdings Ltd.

China Jinmao Holdings Group Ltd. China Kangda Food Co. China Kingstone Mining Holdings Ltd. China Leon Inspection Holding Ltd. China Lesso Group Holdings Ltd. China Life Insurance Co. China Logistics Property Holdings Co. China Longevity Group Co.

China Ludao Technology Co. China Lumena New Materials Corp. China Medical System Holdings Ltd. China Mengniu Dairy Co. China Merchants Bank Co. China Merchants Land Ltd. China Merchants Port Holdings Co.

China Merchants Securities Co. China Minsheng Banking Corp. China Modern Dairy Holdings Ltd. China National Building Material Co. China Netcom Technology Holdings Ltd. China New Economy Fund Ltd. China New Town Development Co. China Nonferrous Metals Co. China Nonferrous Mining Corporation Ltd.

China Ocean Fishing Holdings Ltd. China Ocean Industry Group Ltd. China Oceanwide Holdings Ltd. China Oilfield Services Ltd. China Outfitters Holdings Ltd. China Overseas Property Holdings Ltd.

China Pacific Insurance Group Co. China Partytime Culture Holdings Ltd. China Polymetallic Mining Ltd. China Power International Development Ltd.

China Primary Energy Holdings Ltd. China Properties Group Ltd. China Properties Investment Holdings Ltd. China Public Procurement Ltd. China Putian Food Holding Ltd. China Qinfa Group Ltd. China Railway Construction Corporation Ltd. China Regenerative Medicine International Ltd. China Renewable Energy Investment Ltd. China Resources and Transportation Group Ltd. China Resources Beer Holdings Co. China Resources Cement Holdings Ltd.

China Resources Gas Group Ltd. China Resources Land Ltd. China Resources Medical Holdings Co. China Resources Pharmaceutical Group Ltd. China Resources Power Holdings Co.

China Rongzhong Financial Holdings Co. China Rundong Auto Group Ltd. China Saite Group Co. China Sandi Holdings Ltd. China Sanjiang Fine Chemicals Co. China Shanshui Cement Group Ltd. China Shenghai Food Holdings Co. China Shengmu Organic Milk Ltd. China Shenhua Energy Co. China Silver Group Ltd. China Sinostar Group Co.

China Smartpay Group Holdings Ltd. China Solar Energy Holdings Ltd. China South City Holdings Ltd. China Southern Airlines Co.

China Starch Holdings Ltd. China Strategic Holdings Ltd. China Sunshine Paper Holdings Co. China Taiping Insurance Holdings Co.

China Tangshang Holdings Ltd. China Telecom Corporation Ltd. China Tianrui Group Cement Co. China Ting Group Holdings Ltd. China Tonghai International Financial Ltd. China Tontine Wines Group Ltd. China Touyun Tech Group Ltd. China Tower Corporation Ltd. China Trends Holdings Ltd. China Trustful Group Ltd. China Unicom Hong Kong Ltd. China Unienergy Group Ltd.

China Uptown Group Co. China U-Ton Holdings Ltd. China Wah Yan Healthcare Ltd. China Water Affairs Group Ltd. China Water Industry Group Ltd. China Weaving Materials Holdings Ltd. China Wood Optimization Holding Ltd. China Xinhua Education Group Ltd. China Yu Tian Holdings Ltd. China Yurun Food Group Ltd.

China Zheshang Bank Co. China Zhongwang Holdings Ltd. Chinese Energy Holdings Ltd. Chinese Estates Holdings Ltd. Chinese Food and Beverage Group Ltd. Chinese People Holdings Co. Chinese Strategic Holdings Ltd. Ching Lee Holdings Ltd. Chinlink International Holdings Ltd. Chinney Alliance Group Ltd. Chinney Kin Wing Holdings Ltd.

Chong Hing Bank Ltd. Chong Kin Group Holdings Ltd. Christine International Holdings Ltd. Chuang's China Investments Ltd. Chuang's Consortium International Ltd. Cinda International Holdings Ltd. CircuTech International Holdings Ltd. CK Asset Holdings Ltd. CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd. CK Infrastructure Holdings Ltd. CK Life Sciences Int'l. CL Group Holdings Ltd.

Classified Group Holdings Ltd. Clifford Modern Living Holdings Ltd. Cloud Investment Holdings Ltd. Code Agriculture Holdings Ltd. Comba Telecom Systems Holdings Ltd. Come Sure Group Holdings Ltd. Computer And Technologies Holdings Ltd. Concord New Energy Group Ltd. Consun Pharmaceutical Group Ltd. Convenience Retail Asia Ltd. Convoy Global Holdings Ltd.

Cool Link Holdings Ltd. Core Economy Investment Group Ltd. Cornerstone Financial Holdings Ltd. Coslight Technology International Group Ltd. Cosmo Lady China Holdings Co. Cosmopolitan International Holdings Ltd. Cosmos Machinery Enterprises Ltd. Country Garden Holdings Co. Country Garden Services Holdings Co. Courage Investment Group Ltd. Cowell e Holdings Inc. Creative Enterprise Holdings Ltd. Crown International Corporation Ltd. CT Environmental Group Ltd. CW Group Holdings Ltd. Cybernaut International Holdings Co.

Da Ming International Holdings Ltd. Da Sen Holdings Group Ltd. DaChan Food Asia Ltd. Dadi Education Holdings Ltd. DaFa Properties Group Ltd. Dafeng Port Heshun Technology Co. Dah Chong Hong Holdings Ltd.

Dah Sing Banking Group Ltd. Dah Sing Financial Holdings Ltd. Daisho Microline Holdings Ltd. Dali Foods Group Co. Daphne International Holdings Ltd. Datang Environment Industry Group Co. Dawnrays Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd. Deson Construction International Holdings Ltd.

Deson Development International Holdings Ltd. Differ Group Holding Co. Digital China Holdings Ltd. Digital Domain Holdings Ltd. Digital Hollywood Interactive Ltd. Ding He Mining Holdings Ltd. Dingyi Group Investment Ltd. Dining Concepts Holdings Ltd. Dongfang Electric Corporation Ltd. Doyen International Holdings Ltd. Dragon Crown Group Holdings Ltd. Dragon King Group Holdings Ltd. Dragon Rise Group Holdings Ltd. Dynagreen Environmental Protection Group Co.

Dynasty Fine Wines Group Ltd. Eagle Legend Asia Ltd. Eagle Nice International Holdings Ltd. Eagle Ride Investment Holdings Ltd. Earthasia International Holdings Ltd. Easy One Financial Group Ltd. Easyknit International Holdings Ltd.

Ellerston Global Investments Limited. Fat Prophets Global Property Fund. Hearts and Minds Investments Limited. L1 Long Short Fund. Morphic Ethical Equities Fund Limited. Platinum Asia Investments Limited. Pengana International Equities Limited. Spheria Emering Companies Limited. Tribeca Global Natural Resources Fund. Watermark Global Leaders Fund Limited. Argo Global Listed Infrastructure Limited. Qualitas Real Estate Income Fund. Lion Selection Group Limited. Shopping Centres Australasia Property Group.

Vanguard Australian Shares Index. Dollar Fund hedge fund.