Mali: Peace from Below?

General Motors conducted test [ citation needed ]. The Anefis meetings represent a reappropriation by some local actors of a peace process until now largely driven by external partners.

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Inter-communal violence along the Niger-Mali border and a scattered jihadist presence have left large swathes of Mali insecure. Jihadist insurgencies plague rural areas in the centre and north east.

Predation by ethnic militias, often mobilised by local politicians and community leaders to fight jihadists and in some cases tacitly backed by the Malian authorities and the French military mission, Operation Barkhane, fuel animosity among communities.

Clashes along the Niger-Mali border have claimed dozens of lives over the past few months. Amid such volatility, the 29 July vote could reinvigorate efforts to quell violence in central and northern Mali, including by breathing new life in the June Bamako peace agreement that aimed to stabilise northern Mali after a crisis that saw jihadists hold northern towns for almost a year.

The European Union EU and its member states can take several steps to improve prospects for peace. Ahead of the elections, they should encourage the main contenders to pledge to pursue disputes peacefully and through the courts. To reinvigorate implementation of the peace deal, notably its provisions related to decentralisation in the north, they will have to press the next Malian president and the armed groups that signed the deal to set clear timelines for elections to regional assemblies.

For the most part, the government and main opposition parties have maintained a peaceful dialogue about preparations for the forthcoming presidential vote. But clashes between police and opposition protesters on 2 June in the capital Bamako show that tensions persist and could degenerate into violence.

Twenty-four candidates — including only one woman — will contest the presidency. Other candidates, including former prime ministers and ministers, have little chance of winning. But in the event of a run-off, their support to either of the two main contenders could prove decisive. The immediate problem is the security of the vote itself. In the north, armed groups that signed the peace deal are still negotiating the conditions under which they will facilitate the vote in areas under their control.

Central Mali suffers general insecurity, with control over terrain murkier. The authorities have announced that voting would proceed regardless. The Bamako peace agreement, and notably its main provisions on the devolution of power and economic development in the north, as well as the demobilisation of the armed groups that signed the deal, needs a reboot. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please note that the vocabulary items in this list are only available in this browser.

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