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Each one is made to fit your dog's measurements, regardless of size and to your design idea. Ricardo Espinal shared his post. Uso is a very muscular even by American Bully Standards.

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Checkout Primo, the Daxline version of the new Exotic Bully. Primo is off of a Dax daughter bred to Chavez Bully Camp's Mr. Miagi. In this video Primo is three years old. Music.

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Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Join Group settings More. Ricardo Espinal shared his post. January 2 at It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. If so, please try restarting your browser. Posted by Ricardo Espinal. Ricardo Espinal December 25, at 2: Diamond kingbullies Mr lotus. Luis Gallegos shared his live video. December 29, at 6: Posted by Luis Gallegos.

Luis Gallegos was live. December 29, at 5: Connie Powell December 29, at 5: Jun John Salvador December 26, at 3: I have no copyright on the music. Edge of Gottiline Location: Edge of Gottiline specializes in Exotic Bullies that are short. In fact, their Exotic American Bullies physical characteristics like massive bone structure, compact wide-chest bodies, smashed heavy muzzles, and square blocky heads is more prominent compared to other Bullies.

One look at the Exotic Bully Karate Kid and you know that the guy is aside from looking small and cute. Miagi is the sire of Karate Kid. The two even looks identical with each other. Patrick and Renee Garcia Kennel: He has a bent tail, flat feet, high rear parts and crooked legs both on the front and back.

These critics declare that the dog is flawed in design and some advocate neutering Freakshow just to stop more American Bully dogs like him. If there one American Bully that people consider to be the ideal Extreme pocket American Bully that Bully dog would be the famous Dax of Gottiline , who has made an impact on the image of the American Bully dog. It is because of his efforts that Dax looks like the ideal Extreme pocket American Bully, and any offspring of Dax is sure to inherit his remarkable qualities.

Jason and Denise Baldwin Kennel: Bomber Bullies considers Exotic Bullies that have good disposition temperament and the eagerness to please their owners to be the ideal Bully.

In physical terms, the Bully is athletic, structurally sound and is at inches tall. The American Bully Marcello embodies these ideals. Marcello is one of the many Exotic Bullies that is considered by many dog fanciers around the world to be the best Bully dog studs. His looks are a good combination of G2 bred to Romeo dam.

His sire is no other than Mr. Miagi of Bully Camp Line, Mr. Swaggo has a square-shaped blocky head, a small body with a broad chest, thick muzzle that look smashed and a bone structure that is very dense.

In spite of it gruff and fierce appearance Mr. Swaggo has a friendly temperament, playful disposition and an eagerness to please its owners. Bahala Na Pits Location: Combining and breeding dogs from different Bully bloodlines often produce Bully puppies with unique combinations of their sire and dam.

In some ways, it enhances the exotic look of the American Bully. The result of the breeding is the Exotic Bully Uso. Uso is a very muscular even by American Bully Standards.

His body is broad; nose is short in size and possesses short legs. Like every Bully dog, Uso is friendly, affectionate and good-natured in temperament. Not that you know what Exotic American Bully dogs that are popular with dog fanciers and dog owners you can choose which one of the eleven Exotics Bullies that suits to your personal taste in Bully dogs.

Just remember one thing in mind: So what can you say about Exotic Bullies? All these dogs should be surrender and adopted to real dog lovers. These breeders are unethical, inhumane and all about the greed. Why would you want this? What kind of human does this? These are living creatures, not products. Preach… most of these people talking trash cant afford a document bloodline so they by cheap inbred undocumented trash and complain about the defects.

Thats why bloodlines are so expensive your paying for a documented healthy breed with a history of no defects. None of these dogs should have been bred or should be allowed to breed! Their bone structure is completely deformed and will lead to problems when they are older. If you guys love this breed as much as you preach then please come to the shelters and pick up one of the dozen friendly babies that are put down daily instead of breeding more of them for fun.

Let me know the address and I will come get them. Probably because they are in such poor deformed physical shape they are immediately euthanized. Very low to the ground, thick muscled and front legs turned like an Old English Bulldog.

There are 5 sizes. MY Bully is more standard or classic. I cannot believe that anyone would promote these poor deformed dogs!! These dogs are fukin amazing dogs.. Im a pocket and micro bully lover. They are a great breed and great around kids. Not real hyper like the apbt either. These dogs are strong smart and beautiful…. I think if your on here talking shit about them its because you think they are pretty too. You just cant afford one thats why. They have been genetically breed to look that way, not for functionality, but for looks.

Google other micro bullies and see how defective they can be. The ones in these pics are the healthiest one you can find, but they are still prone to many conditions due to their physiology. You are misinformed though.