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The federal viewpoint is largely in line with various provincial governments, such as Ontario and Quebec, which have opted for restrictive state-run retailing regimes. But British Columbia, long home to the country's largest network of illicit cannabis producers and more than a hundred illegal pot shops, appears more open to bringing those involved in its sizable cannabis black market into the regulatory fold.

At the end of January, B. Vancouver Councillor Kerry Jang, co-chair of B. In December, bureaucrats with B.

The goal was a frank, informed discussion between two parties that had never really interacted, according to organizer Rosy Mondin , executive director at the non-profit Cannabis Trade Alliance of Canada, a national advocacy group representing small- to medium-scale cannabis businesses. Mondin, who is also CEO of Quadron Cannatech Corporation, which is involved with the extraction of cannabis compounds. It will be key for Ottawa and the provinces to allow small growers and other cannabis businesses to get licensed properly, otherwise large swaths of the existing industry will remain underground, Ms.

At the December meeting, a core discussion hinged around how small a farm needs to be in order to get a special craft or micro-producer licence, she said. If they don't, these people will continue to do what they do because they've done so under the threat of criminal sanctions before and now we're looking at [just] regulatory fines," she said. Rosalie Wyonch, a policy analyst at the C. Howe Institute, said one of the challenges of the new regime will be to convince frequent users to move into the legal market.

As it stands, frequent users can get bulk prices on the black market and it remains unclear whether legal retailers will be able to compete on that front. The legislation to legalize cannabis for all adult users across the country still needs to be approved by the Senate, where the Conservatives are promising to go over Bill C with a fine-tooth comb.

Ottawa's target is to legalize cannabis by July. She said that between now and the passage of the new law, various levels of government have to continue to inform kids, parents, teachers and other stakeholders about the consequences of legalization and cannabis use.

For now, Ottawa faces the delicate task of building up a multibillion-dollar industry, while putting public-health goals ahead of generating revenue.

While there is pressure from some members of the existing cannabis industry to loosen up the rules surrounding the growth and sale of the product, the federal government is sticking by its promise to keep a tight lid on the market, especially in the initial months. As far as predicting when that might change, we are beginning, quite appropriately, in a very cautious, careful and safe way.

Our experience will inform if and when we might change our regulatory approach," Mr. We have closed comments on this story for legal reasons or for abuse. For more information on our commenting policies and how our community-based moderation works, please read our Community Guidelines and our Terms and Conditions. Article text size A. Open this photo in gallery: Green Rush Play 1: In fact, I consider it the single best marijuana opportunity in all of North America.

And it controls one-quarter of the Canada cannabis market, with potential to only get bigger. This all means one thing: It can snap up its much weaker competitors In fact, this company is now expanding into Germany, Australia, Brazil, and even Croatia. Green Rush Play 2: Clinical studies show that marijuana is a more effective pain therapy than prescription drugs. The number of painkiller prescriptions plummets dramatically. So do opioid overdose-related deaths.

Cannabis is shown in no less than 20, peer reviewed studies to be a powerful treatment for all sorts of diseases, including The CEO and founder has successfully overseen 11 painkillers to market, including several versions of OxyContin. With the full development of the 15, kg. This company is much like buying Pfizer, Merck, or Bristol Myers-Squib when they first went public in Green Rush Play 3: You see, there are thousands of marijuana firms in Canada.

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