Ban Lifted, Steven Cohen May Soon Be Investing For Clients Again

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Investment staff and senior employees will meet Doug Haynes [president] and Perry Boyle [head of equities] and maybe even Steve Cohen. We have a hiring committee and the only person who can veto a new recruit is the head of compliance.

There can be up to ten interviews. The process to hire me took months and I met with the same people more than once. Interviews will take place in London, but also in the U. We need universal buy-in and the expectations for senior level hires are very high.

For me, the key is not to try too hard. Show honesty, integrity and know your weaknesses. Insecurity can breed bad behaviour and lead to inappropriate decision-making. Doug always asks how people are improving, but I ask two different types of questions, some that test how people think on their feet — how many TVs are there in China?

I also want to see tangible examples of problems people have faced and how they have fixed them. Also, I want to know what drives them outside of work. We offer them extensive training and ensure they have the right support and infrastructure they need to progress. The average tenure of our portfolio managers is 7. There will be some macro strategies, and Cubist, our systematic trading arm, continues to expand its activities London, hiring senior talent, but the core strategy of the business is long-short equity.

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