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Continue heading east towards the Bund. (6) South Beauty is a chain restaurant located in the Henderson Metropolitan and is a good bet if you’re looking for traditional Shanghainese and Szechuan food but are too scared to try street food.

One of the most basic tools required to make soup is a soup pot. Turn right on Maoming South Road and head north. Though neither of us had tried it before, in our minds it was doable.

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If you need an old home removed or a foundation prepared, we can help. Stir well and allow to marinate for a couple hours in the fridge. Heat the veg oil on a medium flame, then go in with the chopped garlic and onion, turn the heat down to LOW and gently cook for minutes.

Then add the remaining curry powder heat still on low and cook for another 4 mins. This will allow us to bring out the flavors of all the spices which make up the curry powder. Turn the heat up to high now and add the seasoned chicken and stir well… try to pick up all the curry-goodness at the bottom of the pot.

Remove the lid and crank up the heat to burn off all that liquid and infuse the chicken pieces with the curry base. Now add the diced carrot and pigeon peas. In the same bowl you marinated the chicken swish around the water to pick up any remaining marinade.. Along with the coconut milk. Wash the rice to remove grit and extra starch , drain and ad it to the pot. Place in a bowl, add water and using your hands massage.

Place in a strainer and run water over the rice.. Massage with your fingers. When the water runs clear, the rice is washed. Bring to a boil, then reduce to a simmer, have the lid slightly ajar and cook until tender and all the liquid is gone.

Here is where you personalize things a bit near the end. I like my pelau a bit grainy so that liquid was enough for the way I wanted it. As I turn the heat off I topped it with the chopped cilantro. To avoid having dry pieces of chicken I would recommend using chicken thighs. This is NOT traditional pelau.. Thank you for the recipe, it is delicious. I made some small modifications. I added plain yogurt to the chicken and marinated overnight. That is a little Indian trick to tenderize the meat.

When I added the water I used hot water to keep the heat of the pot. I then added some browned sugar, just as if I were making traditional Palau by browning my sugar. About 2 teaspoons of sugar browned, I threw it in and let that just cook down. Hi Chris Love your site, I have a coconut allergy what would you recommend as a substitute for the coconut milk here?

Or you can do as they do in Barbados and leave out the coconut milk. Hey thank you so much!! I looked into it a little further with your suggestion and they say that incarnation milk in the can is a substitute!! Grateful I found your site. Click here to cancel reply.