3D modeling

The process that ignites 3D printing innovation is comprised of a few essential tools. Obviously, you have the 3D model and the 3D printer, but there’s an instrumental piece to the puzzle right in between those two points. 3D printing slicer software essentially acts as .

Tech For Social Impact Learn what is in for you as company, coach or investor, get tips and tricks to apply form an insider and be ready for a new European challenge! Algorithmic feedback loops increasingly shape our emotional identity and impede our ability to critically engage with our emotions.

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In 3D computer graphics, 3D modeling is the process of developing a mathematical representation of any surface of an object (either inanimate or living) in three dimensions via specialized software.

Cars that never park. A city with more people than Germany. Amol Sarva will present the feats of imagination and architecture that will shape the cities of tomorrow, and discuss how these innovations will grow our human potential tenfold. How do we connect more meaningfully with others IRL? Using a combination of industry standard and open source software allowed ottonova to launch Germany's first purely digital health insurance and realize its entire service range in a smartphone app.

Instead of waiting in overcrowded waiting rooms ottonova's clients have a video consultancy with experienced doctors or chat with ottonova's concierge service to support them with all health related questions. A timeline feature sums up the client's health history including doctor's visits, prescriptions and medications and reminds them about all upcoming examinations. Encompassing an overview of the competitor landscape ottonova's CTO Frank Birzle will explain how the company managed to launch its disruptive services quickly and stay focused on what matters most to the client.

Ultimately, these adaptations will be used to bring people together IRL. Crypto has a culture problem, which threatens to jeopardise the viability of the project at large. There are resilient and deep subcultural communities on the margins that may provide the best immediate test cases for blockchain technology and decentralised consensus systems, and are being overlooked in favour of flawed legacy industries. I discuss how if the crypto community wants to deliver on its transformative promise, it would do well to expand its vision, and put their tokens where their mouth is.

Why has a year-old analog technology become so popular in today's world? The answer lies in the history of photography itself, and how we as humans interact with this constantly evolving medium.

Just like we abandoned digital cameras for high-quality smartphone lenses, our search for meaningful experiences and artifacts in a world of AI and a constant competition for likes has reinforced how important it can be to hold something in our hands. The future of mobility is automated, electrified, shared and: This will and open up possibilities for whole new business models and lifestyles.

Let me guide you through our thoughts and what Bosch is doing to make this future happen. Applied Empathy is a design thinking approach to leadership and problem solving that uses a variety of perspective-broadening techniques.

From helping General Electric reinvent their mammography business to leading the launch of Nike's Hyperfeel product, Sub Rosa's empathic approach has consistently delivered powerful results for brands. This talk will help listeners capture the importance and impact of empathy, and offer practical tools that improve your relationships with your teams, your customers, and ultimately, with yourself.

Are you a highly innovative and ambitious start-up or small or medium-sized company SME with global ambitions? You are an outstanding business coach with entrepreneurial experience and global visions?

You are an investor who scouts disruptive unicorns aiming at international growth? Than this workshop is for you! Learn what is in for you as company, coach or investor, get tips and tricks to apply form an insider and be ready for a new European challenge!

Listen as experts discuss the implications for effective machine learning and exchange best practices for applying AI across industries. And many will not make the cut. Martin discusses the cause and effects of the tech revolution in the field of human reproduction. In the future, sex will be exclusively for fun Virtual Human Agents recognize objects in real-time and respond to voice and talk back to us with emotions.

Connectome uses Blockchain to securely store AI learning and growth histories to secure the reliability of AI. Anita Zielina, Digital Innovation Expert. Hear anecdotes and learn tactics that Hustle has applied to become a Silicon Valley revenue and diversity success story. We know that the decentralized ledger is revolutionizing everything from fintech to energy to arts and beyond! How we govern these blockchains will determine whether this is the "next internet" or if we're just in a crypto bubble.

Experts discuss current and future approaches to blockchain governance and the importance of building a community that can withstand the hype.

We live in the age of AI profiling us on social media and creating cocoon like information loops which not only influence the world, but also freeze our personality development. How to get out of these loops? By building social media of the future. Powerful vocals with humorous lyrics, passionate guitar playing and charm make him a one-man-groove-machine that runs with or without amplification.

Conceived and completed in an isolated coastal town in Northern NSW, his first self-produced work is heavily influenced by the Australian landscape and the awe-inspiring ocean that surrounded him as the album developed. Now back in Berlin, will see Dyer share his new collection of songs and stories. The internet was built upon fully democratic principles and unhindered free speech. Has the vision of the internet as a place to educate and learn achieved its true potential?

Where are we headed? What can we do to make things better? Join smart x Cabin Spacey outdoors for the product launch at He will explain how blockchain marketing differs from traditional start-up marketing. Additionally, he will share his take on token economics and valuations.

Join us for an inspiring journey inside the human brain and discover how the findings of neuroscience are changing our perspective on personalization and inevitably driving the future of marketing. Technology has transformed the way artists create, share and distribute their music, and today there are more paths to career growth than ever before. This talk will explore the evolving relationship between musicians and investors, and potential parallels to the modern venture capital industry.

Beyond any initial pain lies a valuable opportunity: Let's explore how to rethink your processes to prioritize customer trust and champion privacy and data protection. Digitisation offers great chances for Germany and its people — chances to increase prosperity and social progress. With regard to the dynamic of changes, big and bold steps are required to reach the top. Germany has the potential, and its government the will, to turn it into a role model for free societies in the digital age.

What is creative strategy? Why is creative strategy essential to emergent storytelling? Wtf is emergent storytelling?! AI-powered immersive theater project "Frankenstein AI: The Mindful Lunch is a silent meal that support you to be mindful as you eat. Using our meals as a trigger to be mindful is an easy way to slow down and bring more mindfulness into everyday life and start to taste food in a new way.

Bring your food and join us. Dexon is the next generation infinite chain based on a revolutionary blocklattice data structure that features multiple blockchain systems working together in parallel.

The DEXON network scales easily and automatically, while maintaining low transaction fees, empowering decentralized applications to unleash their true potential.

What is blockchain interoperability? This talk will describe the goals, challenges, and approaches to interoperability, its uses for development of complex applications and scalability, and technical details of how Polkadot intends to provide blockchain interoperability. Digitalization will take the Energy Transition to an entirely new level and offers enormous potential to speed it up.

Markus will present how the energy landscape of the future could look like and show E. ON's latest edge digital technologies to drive the Energy Transition. Healthcare suffers from increasing costs, unequal access and a lack of patient focus. Disruption is needed and we can make it happen. I will talk about how digitalisation can usher in a new era that will put patients in control of their own healthcare, raise quality and improve the well-being of all.

Most successful companies today will fail to secure a market leadership of tomorrow. The next big thing will not be a new technology or digital trend. It will be all about the mindset and the ability to fundamentally transform the company in order to shape the future. Distributed governance is a key challenge for the blockchain ecosystem. To tackle this challenge, we are thinking about the concept of Futarchy. Futarchy posits that with a well-defined problem, market mechanisms are the best way to find the dominant strategy for solving said problem with an open group.

Harmonizing and directing consciousness is a primary factor in achieving flow states, breaking through creative blocks, radical ideation, problem-solving and honing technical prowess through applied focus. This workshop investigates meditation in the context of creative practices. Become an art market insider - Magnus Resch explains how the art industry really works, why it is in poor shape and how tech can disrupt it. Laura is going to talk about different ways to engage in our project, Start-Up Your Future.

Support refugees by becoming a voluntary business mentor! Amazing technology comes with amazing responsibility. Maybe some trust issues. The Sharing Economy means we all have to learn new behaviors and trust new structures. Cities came to exist due to trade and economic opportunity. By , tech will enable people to live, work and travel wherever they want.

The relevance of location in a digital world: The changes digitalization entails for retail are being seriously underestimated. Add to that major developments at the social level. Clear limits no longer exist. Different aspects of life are more and more often becoming blurred. Digitalization can change this. What does the retail of tomorrow look like?

What will interaction between end consumers and brands look like in the future? Startups will be evaluated by the following judges:.

Arlan Hamilton is disrupting the VC world by investing exclusively in underestimated founders. During this fireside, we'll cover Arlan's unique investment hypothesis and why the fund she just announced is going to change the game forever. Loving-kindness meditation is a method to cultivate compassion towards yourself and others. This helps to create new patterns in our thinking, allowing us to see ourselves in terms of similarities to, rather than differences from others.

According to the latest science, compassion can support us to be less overwhelmed and more resilient. Genius is equally distributed, but access is not. We miss out on big ideas that can advance human potential from women and people of color because we investors neglect, underfund and do not build a community around them.

This is not only moral failure, it is bad business. This program helps people develop the leadership and emotional intelligence skills needed to intensify focus, manage stress, harness creativity and improve resilience. Mindfulness helps organizations with their challenges. In mid XAIN won the 1st Porsche Innovation Contest, this talk will use the history of this project to explain decentralised technology, how this can be used with IOT devices to build access control systems and the challenges we faced when implementing such a system in a vehicle.

Autonomous Vehicles, flying taxis, no more car-owners etc. Yet, this transportation utopia needs a reality check! What are the current and soon-to-come future mobility solutions that actually optimize the way people get around and between cities?

Based in Berlin and founded in , Clue helps women understand their cycle so they can discover how to live a full and healthy life. Today, Clue has more than ten million active users in over countries. Emotional Intelligence starts with self-awareness, and self-awareness starts with the body. The more we can understand what happens in our body the more we understand ourselves. Our body is our subconscious mind that provides us with all the insights we need to make more effective decisions.

Robots will take over jobs, but new jobs will be created - says the tech optimist. Yet, what about the transition? Is the Universal Basic Income a feasible answer to the challenges we face? Is freelancing a sustainable future? Four experts breakdown how technology is changing the way we work and how to create a fulfilling workplace. How can you as a corporate or "Mittelständer" SME benefit from that "Digital Change" everybody is talking about, and why should you even care?

Christoph Räthke is Germany's most experienced and sought-after thought leader on Digital Entrepreneurship. This program will show you how to increase your resilience, focus and how to thrive in a fast-paced, interconnected world without boundaries.

Startup Battlefield uncovers, selects, and trains early-stage founders to launch on TechCrunch. The alumni companies have raised over 8 Billion dollars and produced over exits and IPOs. Learn about the thesis, "slightly too soon". Not only but also because founders should not focus on government affairs.

This is why most legislation does not work for startups and often misses the point - as we can see in the copyright directive, privacy or regarding the mobile ecosystem.

Why logic and timing are against startup-friendly legislation and how we can fix it. Customers today buy more based on aggregate ratings and reviews than on anything else. What would it mean to create a space for an art movement that uses the city as its canvas? Sales is existential — we sell therefore we are! Sales is certainly the lifeblood of any enterprise. Plenty of best practice tips for sales success - but with compliance, mobility and a healthy culture.

Airbus BizLab is a global aerospace accelerator, where startups and Airbus intrapreneurs speed up the transformation of innovative ideas into valuable businesses. Over the past three years, we have hosted 50 start-ups and 40 Airbus internal projects in our six-month programme at the three locations - Toulouse France , Hamburg Germany and Bangalore India.

It is time to look back and share some of the experiences, we have made. Why every business built in should be global from Day 1. And how to scale successfully in markets like Indonesia, Brazil, Nigeria, etc. Digital product are overtaking the world using new business models. But what about classic offline products like textiles and other fashion goods? Digitize offline products by using the blockchain technology. We will build and connect new business models and revolutionize the industry.

Almost 10 years after Bitcoin, Blockchain is everywhere and the Blockchain startup space is growing rapidly. Yet, in the corporate world things are different. Most corporations are still struggling to find their way into the Blockchain world. This workshop wants to gap this bridge. It is for Blockchain beginners, professionals and will introduce ways for corporations to find Blockchain Use Cases.

Solid and shell modeling can create functionally identical objects. Differences between them are mostly variations in the way they are created and edited and conventions of use in various fields and differences in types of approximations between the model and reality. Shell models must be manifold having no holes or cracks in the shell to be meaningful as a real object.

Polygonal meshes and to a lesser extent subdivision surfaces are by far the most common representation. Level sets are a useful representation for deforming surfaces which undergo many topological changes such as fluids. The process of transforming representations of objects, such as the middle point coordinate of a sphere and a point on its circumference into a polygon representation of a sphere, is called tessellation.

This step is used in polygon-based rendering, where objects are broken down from abstract representations " primitives " such as spheres, cones etc. Meshes of triangles instead of e. The modeling stage consists of shaping individual objects that are later used in the scene. There are a number of modeling techniques, including:. Modeling can be performed by means of a dedicated program e. In some cases, there is no strict distinction between these phases; in such cases modeling is just part of the scene creation process this is the case, for example, with Caligari trueSpace and Realsoft 3D.

Complex materials such as blowing sand, clouds, and liquid sprays are modeled with particle systems , and are a mass of 3D coordinates which have either points , polygons , texture splats , or sprites assigned to them.

The first widely available commercial application of human virtual models appeared in on the Lands' End web site. The human virtual models were created by the company My Virtual Mode Inc. The development of cloth simulation software such as Marvelous Designer, CLO3D and Optitex, has enabled artists and fashion designers to model dynamic 3D clothing on the computer. Some graphic art software includes filters that can be applied to 2D vector graphics or 2D raster graphics on transparent layers.

Disadvantages compare to 2D photorealistic rendering may include a software learning curve and difficulty achieving certain photorealistic effects. Some photorealistic effects may be achieved with special rendering filters included in the 3D modeling software. For the best of both worlds, some artists use a combination of 3D modeling followed by editing the 2D computer-rendered images from the 3D model. A large market for 3D models as well as 3D-related content, such as textures, scripts, etc.

Often, the artists' goal is to get additional value out of assets they have previously created for projects. By doing so, artists can earn more money out of their old content, and companies can save money by buying pre-made models instead of paying an employee to create one from scratch.

In most cases, the artist retains ownership of the 3d model; the customer only buys the right to use and present the model. Some artists sell their products directly in its own stores offering their products at a lower price by not using intermediaries. Over the last several years numerous marketplaces specialized in 3D printing models have emerged.

Some of the 3D printing marketplaces are combination of models sharing sites, with or without a built in e-com capability. Some of those platforms also offer 3D printing services on demand, software for model rendering and dynamic viewing of items, etc. A 3D printed part can be edited by simply editing the 3D model.

Previously co-founder and CPO of fintech company NOWO, Emmet is passionate about the intersection of psychology, technology, and business, and working with ambitious founders towards significant positive impact. As a customer advocate, she has been responsible for establishing and optimizing processes, driving product changes and ensuring high customer satisfaction. He now leads the Baltic seed investment fund Change Ventures. After studies at the Faculty of Economics at Vilnius University, he joined the Lithuanian diplomatic service in and devoted 15 years to the Lithuanian European integration process holding different senior positions in Vilnius and Brussels.

In Mr. Previously he worked 11 years for IBM in different roles and countries. Elijus is a big fan of new emerging technologies that shape our lives and enables new opportunities. Max Postnikov is an investor and Chief Evangelist at Universa, the new generation blockchain technology. In addition, for many years he was in charge of social networks at Mail. Ru Group, one of the largest internet companies in Eastern Europe. Dmitrij Radin is a diligent blockchain enthusiast and crypto evangelist up and running in business since early Dmitrij passionately explores implementation of different technologies into everyday life.

Network, he believes that blockchain can save the world by leading it to an entirely new ecosystem of commerce. It's time for Distributed Technologies and Crypto-enabled systems to power and drive Next Economy, Next Reality and Next Society movements for social responsibility and sustainable development.

Marius is a well-known Lithuanian cybersecurity and blockchain expert, part of cybersecurity and blockchain working group in EU Parliament, IT-security counselor to Lithuanian government, and a tech-entrepreneur. During recent years, Marius has concentrated primarily on the area of startup business; focusing in-depth on blockchain technologies, AI, fintech, hardware, and security. Organization is a Nordic and Baltic countries market leader, developing and providing various digital payments acceptance solutions for the Merchant segment.

Currently he is contributing in a fields of new offering development, internal and external processes development, partnerships, management of related pre-sales and after-sales activities.

Andrius started to work at the Bank of Lithuania two years ago as an IT specialist. About one and a half year ago Bank of Lithuania started to investigate the usability of blockchain technology, Andrius joined the working group and became a Project Manager of the the LBChain platform-service pre-commercial procurement project.

He has a bachelor degree of mathematics and currently writing his MS thesis in IT engineering about blockchain technology. Lloyd brings many years of professional writing and speaking experience to StartupYard, as well as an eye for defining the unique voice of a young company.

Her interests in marketing and finance were strengthened during her year abroad in New York City, where she interned and worked in both fields, analyzing investments and raising sales.

Sophia is also a cryptocurrency investor, writer, and speaker. Currently consulting start-ups on investor relations, investment strategies and fundraising across Europe as well as scouting for VC's and private investors. Geoff, is a qualified lawyer and has worked for a number of leading US law firms in London and Paris and then as an independent legal consultant, working with over tech startups.